EMS and Firefighter Online CE Course Overview

As an EMS/Fire professional, it’s mandatory that you take the time for acquiring continuing education and re-certification, yet it’s not always easy with your busy schedule. CSUtest.com strives to offer a simpler alternative when the time comes to re-certify and on a more affordable platform. From EMS online continuing education, to firefighter continuing education, hazardous material handling and OSHA-mandated training, we provide web-based distributive education opportunities and online courses that can be completed anytime, anywhere.

Our online continuing education courses meet the specific requirements of the EMS and fire service, giving you the freedom to complete your requirements to re-certify whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. We offer a wide variety of firefighter and EMS online continuing education options, including:

All of our fire and EMS continuing education courses are focused on today’s industry standards and expectations, ensuring you’re fully trained and highly knowledgeable out in the field. Best of all, our EMS courses are CAPCE accredited, Texas or Ohio approved, as indicated on our website. Not every online education provider offers CAPCE accredited online continuing education—we do, to make sure your recertification is valid and your experience is valuable.

Accredited EMS Online Continuing Education

Our EMS course selection spans a complete breadth of competencies, including trauma, triage, cardiology, pediatrics, geriatrics and more. These courses are consistently updated to remain within the standard for current recertification qualifications and all courses are accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Our EMS courses are CAPCE accredited or Ohio, Texas approved, as indicated on our website. Our EMS courses count everywhere including National Registry. Our CAPCE accreditation ID is RECSU103, Ohio 2462 and Texas 600788.

Fire and Rescue Online Continuing Education

Our firefighter online continuing education options reach every level of duty—from first responders, firefighters and fire safety inspectors, to fire instructors and equipment managers. Each course is written to NFPA standards, and features in-depth information and unique scenario examples to keep you on your toes as you get back to basics. We also work with Fire Department Administration for online testing, for the convenience of online cloud based recertification.

Online Hazardous Materials and OSHA Mandated Training

OSHA standards are consistently updated to ensure our members’ health and wellbeing and to meet OSHA mandates. We provide the courses you need to stay up-to-date. We also provide a wide variety of courses involving the handling hazardous materials incidents. We offer 8 hazmat CE for technician level and several for operations level. If you require recertification, our courses offer optimal insight into current standards, backed by the convenience of being able to stay apprised digitally, wherever and whenever is convenient.

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