Hazardous Materials and OSHA Mandated Continuing Education

Available in our selection of online continuing education programs is continuing training for hazardous materials technicians and OSHA mandates. The hazardous materials online continuing education courses we offer provide firefighter credits, and the OSHA mandates courses satisfy firefighter and fire safety inspector credits at the discretion of your chief.

Here is a list of the online continuing education courses we provide for hazardous materials and OSHA mandates:

Hazardous Materials

HAZMAT Continuing Education Courses
Emergency Response Guide1
Hazardous Materials and Terrorism - tech1
Hazardous Materials Decontamination - tech1
Hazardous Materials Personnel Protective Equipment - tech1
HAZWOPER - OSHA Ground Rules for Hazmat Response - tech1
ICS For Hazmat Emergency Response - tech1
Meth Labs - The new "One Pot" Meth - tech1
MultiRae Training Video - tech1
Recognize and Identify Hazardous Materials2
Survival in the Hot Zone - tech1
Understanding Hazardous Materials - tech1
Understanding the Hazards - Container Identification1

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