Continuing Education Courses for Firefighting and Technical Rescue Situations

Our online firefighter continuing education courses allow firefighters and rescue personnel to stay up to date with the latest and most important information affecting their jobs. The information contained in these courses features everything from the basic ropes and knots a firefighter should know to complex, in-depth information about unique rescue situations, incident command and fire behavior.

Here is a list of the firefighting and technical rescue online CE courses we offer:

Ohio students! Firefighter and Fire Inspector CE is backed by Auburn Career Center charter number 302.

Firefighter and Technical Rescue
3 C's of Suppression
Basic Ropes and Knots1
Brush and Wildland Fires1
Building Construction and Occupancy Classification2
Chimney Fires1
Collecting Evidence (officer or ff)1
Command at Major Incidents (officer or ff)2
Command of Initial Emergency Operations (officer or ff)2
Community Relations and Risk Assessment (officer or ff)1.5
Dynamic Risk Assessment (officer or ff)2
Emergency Incident Rehab (NFPA 1584)1
Emergency Response Guide1
Emergency Vehicle Safety1
Fire Alarm and Detection Systems1
Fire Behavior1.5
Fire Cause Determination (officer/FF/Inv)1
Fire Command - 25 Common Terms (officer or ff)1
Fire Department Administration (officer or ff)2
Firefighter Cancer Awareness1
Fire Service Protective Clothing and PPE1
Fire Suppression parts 1 and 23
Fire Suppression advanced part 11.5
Fire Suppression advanced part 21.5
Firefighter Respiratory Protection & Lung Injury1.5
Firefighter Safety and Health1
Firefighter Survival1.5
Forcible Entry parts 1 and 22
Ground Ladders 1012
Hybrid Vehicles1
NIMS Refresher (officer or ff)1
Rapid Intervention Team Implementation1
Reading Smoke1
Salvage and Overhaul1
School Bus Construction & Extrication1
Ventilation Part 11.5
Ventilation Part 21.5
Wildland Fires Overview1
New and Republished courses
We are currently replacing and adding firefighter CE courses
We are also adding and replacing our Fire Officer ISO T3 courses

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