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CSUtest.com is Texas Department of State Health Services approved continuing education site # 600788. We offer EMS CE through our Texas approved CE site. In addition to our EMS offerings, we also include at no extra charge, firefighter, structural, HAZMAT, and inspector CE and more. We are listed as an online firefighter continuing education resource on the Texas Commission on Fire Protection website. View our EMS, firefighter and other fire related discipline continuing education courses by clicking on our course overview link at the top of our courses menu. We now have the injury report CE.

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Texas Customer EMS Jurisprudence Course Access - Included at No Extra Cost!

As a CSUtest.com we are proud to offer the Texas EMS Jurisprudence course at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Join our growing family of Texas EMS providers and the Texas EMS Jurisprudence Course will be available in your online continuing education account. The cost per person is only $30 per year. There is a 10% discount for group customers - $27 per year. Additional discounts available for groups with 100 or more members. The fee gives all members unlimited access to all of our courses and categories. including EMS - including the Texas Jurisprudence course, firefighter CE courses, HAZMAT tech, instructor, structural firefighting OSHA, officer development, inspector and more. To register as a Texas individual, click here. Texas departments and agencies, see our Department Registration page for more information on group registration as well as a contact phone number.

Texas EMS Administrator of Record Continuing Education - $50

Texas DSHS requires every agency to have an administrator - AOR of record. They also require that AOR to have 8 hours of administrative continuing education each year. This Administrator of Record CE course covers that mandate. It is a stand-alone course and the cost is $50.

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This course is included for our Texas group customers.

Texas EMS Recertification Requirements

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Texas CE Site 600788 EMS CE Course Offerings

NREMT NCCP Curriculum and Electives Included

Texas CE site 600788CEUsCategory
Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)1Medical
Airway Ventilation Oxygen1Airway Management/Ventilation
Allergic Reactions - Immunological Emergencies1Medical
Altered Mental Status1Medical
Ambulance Safety1Clinically Related Operations
At Risk Populations1Special Considerations
Autism Awareness special needs1Special Considerations
Behavioral Emergencies1Medical 
Behavioral Emergencies Considerations1Medical
Bloodborne Pathogens1Medical
Capnography2Airway Management/Ventilation
Carbon Monoxide - Pulse CO Oximetry1Medical
Cardiac Arrest - Adult (EMR, EMT, AEMT)1Medical
Cardiac Arrest - Adult (Paramedic)1Medical
Cardiac Arrest - Pediatric (EMR, EMT, AEMT)1Pediatric
Cardiac Arrest - Pediatric (Paramedic)1Pediatric
Central Nervous System (CNS) Injury1Trauma
CO Poisoning1Airway Management/Ventilation
Cold Injuries1Medical
Common Medications1Preparatory
Congestive Heart Failure CHF1Medical
Coronavirus - COVID-19 Response1Clinically Related Operations
Crew Resource Management1.5Preparatory
Diabetic Emergencies - Endocrine System1Medical
Documentation - The PCR1Patient Assessment
Drug Emergencies2Medical
EMS Provider Hygiene, Safety and Vaccinations1Preparatory
EMS Research1Preparatory
Environmental Emergencies Hot & Cold1Medical
Ethics in EMS1Preparatory
Evidence Based Guidelines1Preparatory
Fentanyl - Responder Safety1Preparatory
Fluid Resuscitation1Preparatory
Geriatrics - Assessment Challenges1Special Considerations OR Patient Assessment
Geriatrics 11Special Considerations OR Patient Assessment
Geriatrics 22Special Considerations OR Patient Assessment
Geriatrics Patient - Falls1Special Considerations
Heat Emergencies2Medical
Hemorrhage Control1Trauma
Initial Assessment2Patient Assessment
iTClamp Bleeding Control Device1Trauma
Jurisprudence2.5Clinically Related Operations
Mass Casualty Incident Overview2Medical
Medication Delivery1Preparatory
Nerve Agent Incidents2Medical
OB Emergencies1Medical
Opioid Overdose Part 11Medical
Opioid Overdose Part 2 - Fentanyl1Medical
Oxygenation1Airway Management/Ventilation
Pain Management1Patient Assessment
Pandemic - Definitions and Lessons Learned1Medical
Pediatric Asthma2Airway Management/Ventilation OR Pediatrics
Pediatric Differences2Special Considerations OR Pediatrics
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies1Airway Management/Ventilation OR Pediatrics
Pediatric RSV1Special Considerations OR Pediatrics
Pediatric Transport1Special Considerations OR Pediatrics
Pediatric Trauma2Special Considerations OR Pediatrics
Pediatric Assessment2Special Considerations OR Pediatrics
Pediatric Croup1Special Considerations OR Pediatrics
Post Resuscitation Care1Medical
Pre Hospital Stroke Care 11Medical
Pre Hospital Stroke Care 21Medical
Pre Hospital Stroke Care 3 - LVO, VAN Assessment1Medical
Provider Assisted EPI1Medical
Response to an Active Shooter Incident1.5Patient Assessment
SAM Splint - Chest Seal1Medical
See Something? Say Something!1Preparatory
Special Healthcare Needs1Special Considerations
SSRI and SNRI Overdose1Medical
START Triage, JUMP START Triage2Trauma
STEMI Care2Medical
Strategy for a National EMS Culture of Safety1Preparatory
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS1Special Considerations OR Pediatrics
Taser and Agitated Delirium2Trauma
Trauma - Assessment and Management2Trauma OR Patient Assessment
Trauma - Blast Injuries2Trauma
Trauma Triage CDC Guidelines1Trauma
Ventilation1Airway Management/Ventilation
Ventricular Assist Devices1Medical
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