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EMS Week 2023

EMS Week 2023

We rarely hear about the true heroes out there. These heroes are part of a team of people nationally and around the world that respond to people of all walks of life, all age groups, all demographics, all preferences, all political parties etc. These heroes go into all types of situations, including situations that threaten their own lives. These heroes respond to calls for help from people who are sick and injured. Maybe they only have a sore finger or a cold but maybe they are near death from illness or trauma and are in serious condition, or their heart has already stopped. In almost all cases, these heroes have never met the people they are responding to help. In many cases these heroes can help. They can provide oxygen, medication, and fluids. These heroes can restart a heart.

These heroes are part of the team of the EMS systems nationally and in all parts of the world. We honor all of you this week. We appreciate your sacrifices and we pray for your safety.

Whether you are an EMR, critical care paramedic, dual role fire/EMS, ER staff etc, we salute you - not just this week, but every day.

Thank you all.

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