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23 January 2022
Christine Varano, CPT, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, CSUtest.com contributor

Standing balance exercises are something everyone should do. They increase postural support, balance and stability. Start standing tall with a neutral spine and pelvis with your shoulders relaxed and chest open. Pull your right knee up and lift your foot off the floor and balance on your left foot. Keep your standing knee soft and hold for 10 seconds. Switch legs and hold for 10 seconds.

To stretch... or not to stretch before a workout?? Movement that warms up the body for exercise should be done prior to working out. Save the static stretches for after.

Take stock of your week and repeat one thing that made you feel successful. It can be anything from going to bed earlier to drinking more water or walking more steps. Small changes add up to big victories.

For an energy boost and dose of vitamin D, drink your morning coffee or tea while walking.

Relying on a multivitamin is not the way to get your nutrients. Studies are showing that only small amounts of the vitamins and minerals are actually absorbed. It's a much healthier approach to have a well balanced diet and get your nutrients this way.

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