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21 January 2022
Christine Varano, CPT, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, CSUtest.com contributor

"if you wanted to mess me up, you shoulda got to me earlier". Truth is, we're all responsible for ourselves and can make positive changes anytime. New year... New you!! Now, can you name the movie and person who said it??

You don’t have to give up meat and eggs completely to get the benefits of a plant-based diet. Try filingl half of your plate with vegetables and greens, and limit meat consumption to small amounts a few times a week. This simple change can make a big difference in your overall health and reduce your risk for chronic disease.

to breakfast or not to breakfast? There is little evidence to show eating or skipping breakfast is more effective than the alternative as long as you’re meeting all your health goals.

starving at lunch and making bad food choices? Try packing a lunch the night before. Include some healthy choices such as a piece of fruit, veggies and lean protein. And don't forget the water! It will keep energy up instead of the mid afternoon slump.

Routines can be healthy, especially if they involve regular exercise, nutritious eating and quality sleep. But even the most well intentioned routines can get off track or to fall by the wayside completely. This year, mix up your routine (or start one), and after a few weeks, you may notice you’re not only healthier but also more efficient with your time.

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