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07 January 2022
Christine Varano, CPT, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, CSUtest.com contributor

Exercising in cold weather can actually help you to burn more calories. Your body has to work harder to keep itself warm But do take time to warm up, especially if exercising outside.

Getting enough sleep is really a fitness goal. Getting seven hours to eight hours of good, quality sleep per night keeps you energized so you can power through your workouts, and then recover from them.

Not feeling that workout today? When it comes to exercise , something is better than nothing. Try telling yourself all you have to do is the first 10 minutes of your workout (or if that feels like too much, 5 minutes). Then, if you’re still not feeling it, you can stop. Chances are, by the time you’re 10 minutes in, you’ll feel good about finishing.

Instead of setting the same unmet, New Years goals each year, focus on a different theme each month, such as going to sleep at a set time each nite, getting in a certain number of workouts per week or drinking more water daily. These themes provide an intention for your days and keep you focused on your health all year long.

For most people, every 4–6 weeks is a reasonable time to change your strength-training exercises, stretching movements, running routine, etc. It doesn’t mean you need to change everything all at once to the point where the routine is unrecognizable compared to your previous one. Think subtle changes — just enough to keep things interesting.

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