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02 January 2022
Christine Varano, CPT, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, CSUtest.com contributor

As we end another year, take a moment to reflect but instead of keeping score, give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. It’s ok to think about things that didn’t go your way but use them to guide you into the next year with optimism. No matter where we are, the best is still to come. Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!!

While not every workout needs to be immediately replenished, efforts that are longer than 90 minutes, are high intensity, and take place within 24 hours of each other should include recovery nutrition. This promotes ongoing performance gains, lean tissue building, good health and injury prevention.

Our food choices and how we fuel our bodies are more important than our workout choices. Healthy eating habits are more important than your exercise routine if your goal is to see permanent changes on the scale. Exercise will keep your body strong but food choices are the catalyst for weight changes.

We typically think of motivation as the driving force behind taking action, like exercising. But this relationship is actually a two-way street. In some situations, taking action (for example, working out) may be the very thing that spurs and strengthens motivation, helping us continue with that action over time.

Don’t let fear of what could be keep you from achieving what can be.

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