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26 December 2021
Christine Varano, CPT, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, CSUtest.com contributor

This year, instead of promising to rebalance after January 1, vow to detox in the thick of it with strategies for staying on track and maintaining a healthy regimen all season long, such ax drinking water, getting enough sleep, sticking with an exercise routine and practicing self care.

Training your lower body single-sided is a great way to build strength and correct muscle imbalance. Try a single leg dead lift, single leg squat and single leg TRX lunge.

Stress can be as damaging to your health as lack of physical activity, poor eating habits and lack of sleep. Take time to relax this holiday and enjoy the blessings in life. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Different goals and activities call for different shoes. For walking, prioritize comfort and cushioning that feels great for an all day fit. For running, you should be focusing on stability and a fit that makes your foot feel secure even when you’re upping the intensity. Remember style and color aren’t important factors. Focus on fit, comfort and durability, and pick a shoe that’s designed for the activity you’re doing

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