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19 December 2021
Christine Varano, CPT, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, CSUtest.com contributor

Incorporating vegetables at every meal and exercising lower your risk of death, no matter what you weigh, Do things that will make you healthier and as a bonus, those may also help you lose weight for good.

Side squats are a great way to tone the medial glutes, which tend to be weaker than the other muscles in the glutes. Stand with both feet together and step to right side into a squat, sitting back evenly into both heels to 90 degrees. Bring right foot back into center snd stand up. Repeat on left side for one rep. Aim to 12.

For many of us, physical wellness is connected with our emotional and psychological wellness. If you have unexplained, chronic pain, implementing mindfulness and healthy ways to manage stress may be helpful in reducing symptoms.

Before reaching for a snack, do a hunger check. On a hunger scale of 1–10, 1 being not hungry at all and 10 being the hungriest you’ve ever felt, you should aim to eat when you’re around 7.

If you're traveling out of town this holiday season, map out runs/walks and contact gyms in the area where you're traveling. Most offer day passes and other options such as classes if the weather prevents you from exercising outside.

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