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All of Our Courses Have an ISO Category Designation Where Appropriate

1. All of our relevant firefighter CE courses, as well as all other firefighter related courses such as inspector, instructor, OSHA, HAZMAT, and officer have ISO category designations. As your members take these courses, a database is populated.

2. Any courses you create through your admin and offer online to your members also can have an ISO category designation and that populates the same database.

3. Also, any training you do outside of our platform can also be added through an interface. See the screenshots and explanations below.

These 3 sources populate the ISO database. You do a date range ISO report for the department as a whole, and you can do individual member reports for any and all members.

Enter and Track Your Members' External ISO Training - Course Creation

As an department administrator, you can enter your members' training records that occurred outside our online environment and it will automatically populate to your ISO reports. 

As the image below demonstrates, simply identify the course name, date and number of CE. Then select the ISO category to which the course qualifies and enter a course summary. You can then enter your attendees. All active members on your member list will be available to assign as having attended.

You can track:

  • Company Drills
  • External Facilities Training
  • Seminars, Conventions, Symposiums
  • Multi Jurisdictional Drills
  • Any Other Compliant Training External Class Entry Image 1

Create Your Own Online ISO Class on Your Platform:

As an administrator for your department, you can create your own online classes through your admin interface and identify ISO categories. The image below shows an ISO T2 - Company Training course entered into the interface. Your members take these courses from your assignments or as their electives.

Once the courses are successfully completed the records are automatically added to your departments ISO reports. Those reports are available on demand from your defined date range in excel and/or pdf format.

Through your admin you can:

  • Create Course Categories
  • Create Courses Within the Categories
  • Identify Course Parameters
  • Identify as an ISO Course
  • Assign the ISO Course Category
  • Enter the ISO Mandated Course Summary
  • Enter Your Questions
  • Upload the Educational Material or 
  • Enter the Educational Material External Link

ISO admin class entry image

ISO Reports - Department Totals

Below is a sample of a department report for the ISO. It has all the required information.

ISO Report - Department Totals

ISO Reports - Individual Records

The ISO does spot checks on individuals' training records. Below is a sample report for one individual in the sample organization.

ISO Report - Individual Totals

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