New Administrator Feature! Our new group assignment feature is now live!

You have been able to assign courses to your department members for years now with us. Now you can define subgroups and assign courses to any subgroup. Segregate your officers, probationary members, Engineers, Inspectors, Paramedics etc and assign courses to just the members of a subgroup. Your subgroups are saved and you can modify them as appropriate. With this new programming, we are offering administrators the ability to assign courses to all members, any subgroup they choose and to any one person in their group.

You can also assign these courses in a date range. The assignments will only display for your members in the active date range. Your members will know what date they need to comply by. Also, you can now run compliance reports right from the course assignments page. Everything is in one place.

You can assign specific courses to specific individuals. Imagine being able to assign remediation courses, assign courses only to officers, engineers even paramedics. You can assign courses to one person, several, any or all and then track compliance to the assignments. This robust admin feature has been made available at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Current and new administrators alike will have this ability as part of the optional administrator package.

On the first day the assignment is active, an email is sent to your active members. From your interface you can also see who has and has not complied with the assignment. You can even send reminder emails to those who have not yet completed the assignment and extend the due date!

Check Out the NEW Course Assignment Suite Tutorial.

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