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Let us do it for you

We know you are busy, you know we have excellent customer service. Now you can deliver your own fire department or EMS agency policies and procedures as courses only your members will see, and we will do it for you.

How it Works?

You send us your policy in a pdf format. We will make the course and assign it to your group members. It will show up on their log in screen as "required tests". They will access it just like our courses and no one else will see it!

We have many years of experience writing test items. We create excellent questions. No negative questions, no "all of or none of the above", no true or false questions will be written. We will have one correct answer and three relevant distractors for every question.


Pricing depends upon the length of your document. The cost is $50 for every two pages. So if you have a six page document, your course will be created for $150. The purpose is to have a record of your members receiving and understanding the policy or procedure. 

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