CAPCE Accredited EMS Online Continuing Education & Fire Service Online Continuing Education Courses

 Continuing Education for EMS Providers and Firefighters

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We offer quality online continuing education courses for a wide variety of emergency service fields, including:

  • Quality EMS online continuing education for all certification levels
  • CAPCE Accredited Nationally, CE approvals for Texas and Ohio
  • CAPCE accredited EMS online Distributive Education, also known as F3.
  • Firefighter and technical rescue online continuing education
  • Fire safety inspector online continuing training
  • Fire and EMS instructor online continuing education
  • Hazardous materials online continuing education
  • OSHA mandated training
  • Fire Officer and EMS Supervisor online continuing education
  • Fire Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 and Safety Officer
  • Texas EMS Jurisprudence
  • Texas Firefighter Injury Report CE
  • Texas all FIDO

Providers in all of these fields can greatly benefit from our online EMS continuing education and firefighter online continuing education programs. While there is no substitute for live practical experience, it is important for EMS and fire personnel to constantly stay updated with the latest information, knowledge and skills related to their field so they are informed and prepared for emergency situations they encounter. Whether a firefighter, inspector, instructor, paramedic, Advanced EMT, EMT or EMR, we have the online EMS continuing education and online fire and fire related continuing education courses you need. Our EMS con ed is CAPCE accredited and approved as shown on our individual courses pages.

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EMS Online Continuing Education online EMS Continuing Education courses are developed by experienced, certified EMS Instructors. Each presentation is approved by a Medical Director who specializes in Emergency Medicine. We are accredited by CAPCE and are also approved in Ohio and Texas. We provide continuing education for all levels. Whether you are an Emergency Medical Responder, EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic, we have online CE courses for you. 

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Online Firefighter & Fire Related Continuing Education online Firefighter Continuing Education courses are developed and delivered by certified fire instructors, most holding  the rank of Battalion Chief or higher. Our course matrix includes fire command, firefighter tactics, technical rescue, fire safety inspector, fire instructor, alternative fuel vehicles, OSHA mandated courses, Hazardous materials response, NIMS, officer development and more. Specifically for Texas firefighters, we have the TCFP sub categories needed. We offer structural, inspector, investigator, HAZMAT technician, wildland, firefighter injury and more.

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